Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy and Mission Statement

The Directors recognise the importance of environmental considerations.

It is considered that with best practices observed, where ever possible, products are obtained from sustainable and recyclable materials, are thermally efficient and efficient in use and required low energy consumption to process. As a responsible organisation SEC Works Group seeks to follow, in all areas of its activities, policies which support this. The company is an involved supporter of the policies it adopts encouraging improved management, responsible trading and the promotion of the positive environmental aspects. We actively seek from our suppliers evidence of commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance, information on the source of products and evidence of good practice. SEC Works Group will only source materials from suppliers who are operating within the ethics of our own standards, and Kent suppliers are given preference.

SEC Works Group is an advocate of apprentice and apprentice training. We have and continue to engage with young apprentices and seek recruitment of retired engineers and coach builders to assist the company with it target of succession planning. Consequently, all our services are in house and we do not rely on external or sub contract labour (except vehicle painting). This we hope provides the client with the confidence that we are in control of our budgets and delivery on time. The apprentices are actively engaged in the conversion and earn as they learn, we have adopted a policy to pay these members of our staff a little above the minimum wage. Our senior technicians have embraced this training program and we continue to see the success of this program and keeping the skills in Kent.

Location Waste Disposal
SEC Works Group operates from three sites, one is one of the last surviving bus depots in the UK, with 24 years remaining on the leasehold. Kent and locally based staff add to the micro economy of Faversham, a Market Town, Dunkirk, small village on the outskirts and Canterbury easy access by bus and rail. Due to the capacity of our workshops, of up to eight buses, we are able to accommodate numerous projects. With this in mind and to the benefit of SEC Operations department, we are able to move and dispose of crippled redundant vehicles at our business park in Dunkirk some 5 miles from Faversham. Apprentices are encouraged to strip the vehicles for both education and recycling of the aluminium. Glass, rubber & oils are recycled via CDDL – our paper and refuse contracted company. Plastics are disposed of as dry waste by the same company. All waste solvents are returned to the supplier as per ‘Cradle to Grave’ requirements by Environmental Agencies.

We encourage and welcome visits and meetings from our clients, using the national rail network. Particularly if the youth are involved and we welcome their input.